Our Story

OMC started in 2012. We are a group of friends – musicians and early childhood educators, bonded by a shared belief that music and movement can be so much more than what it was then. United by a conviction that everyone is musical and that every child is a natural mover, we started a music and movement programme for the children in Singapore. Simply put, we wanted to make creative music and movement accessible and engaging to every child in Singapore.

Our fledging enterprise has grown in these five years. We have had the good fortune of meeting supportive partners and parents and forging good relationships with them. We have expanded our understanding of early childhood pedagogies and musical education, and kept abreast with the latest research.

OMC is presently helmed by Doreen Leong (Musician) and Lavina Chong (Early Childhood Specialist). We have nurtured a group of dedicated educators that aspires to be the best in the field.

Since then, we have started both English and Mandarin creative music and movement programmes and worked with many preschools to train their teachers. We have created our own curricular products, and are still continuing to develop further.

We are heartened that today, we have worked with about 200 schools and have reached out to approximately 9000 children (both in preschools and primary schools).

Every step of the way, we toiled. We struggled. We persevered. Sometimes we failed but we did not give up. Only because teaching music and movement are our obsession. We are obsessed with the euphoria of discovering multiple ways to work with children. We are obsessed with empowering every child. We are obsessed with spreading the possibilities of music and movement.

This is just the start of a journey filled with love, passion and joy. And this journey will continue because, in OMC, we believe that this is where musical possibilities begin.