Stretch Bands/ Elastablast

Our director, Lavina Chong, has been using the elastic band in 2003 when she started her play school ‘Kidsloft’ back in 2003. Many parents and children enjoyed finding a variety ways to work with it – tapping, shaking, passing, in and outs etc. Lots of laughter, fun and learning when the elastic band was used in the classroom.

At OMC, we wanted to share this exciting tool – tried and tested in the early childhood classroom. We started to look for good quality bands in different parts of the world. We came across Stretchy Band from Bearpawcreek and Elastablast from Dye-namic movement products. We wanted to make sure it’s of superior quality and is safe for children. We bought them, tested them and liked them alot.  So now, we are sharing this with parents, teachers and schools in Singapore and Asia.

Elastablast Large Kimberly 500x400                          IMG_23272 (ShirleyTan's conflicted copy 2015-10-28)

Elastablast                                                            Stretchy Bands

Elastablast uses thick fleece and Stretchy Band uses cloth for covering of the tubing. We would recommend Stretchy bands for children between 2 to 6 years of age and Elastablast for children between 6 to 12 years of age.