Stretchy Bands

IMG_23272 (ShirleyTan's conflicted copy 2015-10-28)

Stretchy Band by Bearpawcreek

OMC is the sole distributor of Stretchy Bands in Singapore since 2014.

More than 100 preschools in Singapore have purchased stretchy bands since the day we started bringing it in from the U.S.A. Come talk to us and let us share with you how you can use stretchy bands in your classroom!!!

These bright stretchy bands are made of latex tubing covered with fabric and include a hook and loop closure. They are great for practicing numerous goal areas and group activities. Music therapist, music educators, and early childhood educators love using these in their classrooms. Made in U.S.A.

Size                                  Circumference                     Application

Medium                              12 ft                                    10-15 children

Large                                   18 ft                                    15 – 25 children

X-Large                               24 ft                                    25 – 40 children